As an investor, I believe most of my time should be spent reading. Reading through companies financials. Reading about changing industries. Even reading about general value principle just to reinforce ideas.

The following are just a couple of value investing resource which you could use to enhance your own understanding. They have done wonders for me!


Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters

Haven’t read Buffett’s letters yet? They are key value investing resources. You can find them all for free in the link above.

Buffett FAQ

This is a great page all about Warren Buffett’s thoughts and idea. If you’ve ever had a question about Buffett’s mindset when thinking about business or how he generally views the market, all the answers are here.

Value Investing Podcast

Sometimes I have trouble going to sleep. The way I combat sleepless nights? Podcasts. But yet again, I’ve found myself having trouble sleeping. That is, when I listen to the Value Investing Podcast. Its one of my favour podcasts to listen to. Their in-depth interviews with value investors around the world is riveting.

The Investors Podcast

Another podcast I’ll bet you like is The Investors Podcast. Both Preston and Stig interviews some of the most famous investors in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon manage to get Warren himself on the show. The guys have done a great job at creating a community around value investing. They are my go to podcast when I want to listen to thought provoking ideas.

The Ben Graham Centre For Value Investing

If you’re like me and love digging through research, you might like The Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing. There you have access to videos, reports, insights and events all on the one roof.

Inflated Treasuries and Deflated Stockholders

If you want a short article summing up irrational investors, this is the one. Written by Graham himself, he writes of situations when stocks sell at incredible bargains.

Base Hit Investing

This is one of my favour value investing blogs of all time. I re-read John’s articles when I have free time and always end up learning more than when I first scrolled through the site.

The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville

In one fell swoop, Warren Buffett dismantles the efficient market hypothesis. By reading this 13 page PDF, you’ll find Buffett is not only a great investor, he’s amazing writer. If you only read one thing this month, make it this.

Graham and Doddsville

This is one of my favourite places to read about value investing. Not only do they produce a quarterly issue. The blog also has invaluable knowledge about how to become a better investor. I highly recommend you check it out.

The Acquirer’s Multiple

If you like deep value investing, you’ll love the Acquirer’s Multiple. Tobias and Johnny do a great job of bringing readers some of the best value investing articles each week. You can also view their large cap stock screen by signing up for free.


Zacks is a great place to digest what’s been happening in the market. They also have research reports stock screens and earnings estimates to help you better understand your investments.